3 basic tips to keep in mind when planning your New York sightseeing tour

Cruise to the Statue of Liberty in New York - United States

At the time of travel to New York to visit the city of Big Apple, it is important that you plan your tourist visit well taking into account the days available for it.

I'll give you next three basic tips that will help you raise your New York visit.

1.- NY It is a city with many tourist attractions, and it is difficult to cover them if you have little time to visit it. Therefore, first, define well what your essential New York visits, so you can organize your days without missing any of those visits.

2.- City of enormous dimensions, although it has the most extensive Metro network in the world, which allows you to move quickly from one area to another, it is important organize the visit of New York by areas of it.

So, for example, when you go to visit the island of the Statue of Liberty, take the opportunity to visit other points of interest in southern Manhattan.

3.- And the third basic advice is that don't try to cover everything; that would possibly prevent you enjoy your visit to New York.

New York is a lot of walking, of seeing shops and corners, of seeing the atmosphere in "the city that never sleeps". Therefore, do not try to monopolize everything because you will surely have the opportunity to return and deepen and get to know the city better.

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