Monuments, bridges and gondolas on the Grand Canal of Venice

Grand Canal of Venice - Italy

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He Great channel. that with its inverted S-shaped layout divides Venice into two parts, it is, together with the St. Mark's Square, the largest center of tourist attraction for those of us who visit the city of canals.

At our trip to Venice, we will go several times on Great channel to enjoy numerous must-sees, such as Rialto bridge, next to which we will find the Rialto market, the great baroque basilica of Santa Maria de la Salute, or the same St. Mark's Square With its beautiful monuments.

But in the Grand Canal of Venice we can also see beautiful corners, such as the numerous palaces that are on both banks, or the Ponte di Scalzi, very close to the Santa Lucia train station, also known as Railway, and, likewise, enjoy a gondola ride.

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