Ellipse, experiences of a trip to Italy on a very personal site

Personal website Ellipse with the diary of a trip to Italy

It is not a personal travel blog to use, but a very original site, in which its authors, Doorkeeper Y Shadow, they present us with a great variety of contents, from themes of Celtic music, to themes of esotericism and myths and legends.

But in Ellipse, which is what this site is called, there is also a place for travel. Specifically, my purpose in recommending the reading of this site is to highlight the excellent story of the trip to Italy, organized on your own, in which Doorkeeper and Shadow They detail their experiences.

This trip was made in early 2009, and for 16 days They visited various cities, such as Venice, Padua, Verona, Florence, Bologna, Siena, Rome, Naples and Pompeii, although for now the site only includes visits for the first nine days.

The story is written in the form of travel diary, telling us their day-to-day experiences, with all kinds of useful additional information, and illustrated with good photos. very useful story For those of you who plan to take a trip through Italy.

To stand out in Ellipse

  • Story of travel to Italia with many experiences and good photos
  • In addition, interesting contents of very original themes
  • We only miss the story of the second part of the trip; Hopefully you will soon be encouraged to complete it.

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