You know what… ? Chapel in Durham Cathedral inspired by the Mosque of Cordoba

Galilee chapel in the cathedral of the medieval city of Durham - England

¿You know what the Cathedral of Norman origin of the medieval city of Durham, in the north of England, there is a chapel whose decoration is inspired by the interior arches of the Mosque of Cordoba?

It's about the Galilee Chapel, which we find right at the entrance door to the Durham Cathedral, on the south side of the building. Actually it is a small enclosure where several arches of similar style to the one that characterizes the Mosque of Cordoba. Of course, we will see the stone arches without coloring in a rather dark room.

The Galilee Chapel it is the most prominent corner of the Durham Cathedral. This cathedral has its origin in the year 1093, and has the characteristic Norman architectural style. The Galilee Chapel It was built in 1170, although it was subsequently renovated in the 15th century.

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