The best panoramic views of Venice from the bell tower of San Marcos

Panoramic views of Venice from the Campanile tower of St. Mark's Square

Assessment: *** Very Recommended

The Campanile tower It is one of the icons of the beautiful St. Mark's Square in Venice. But it is not only its preeminent location, facing the Byzantine Basilica of Saint Mark, which gives this tower its importance, but also the possibility it offers us to be able to climb to the top of it.

Climb the bell tower of the Plaza de San Marcos It is totally recommended for your trip to Venice, from there you can have the best panoramic views from the city of canals and the entire lagoon. In fact, the ideal is that the Campanile tower Be one of your first visits in Venice, because it will allow you to have an overview of the city that will be very useful for your stay in it.

At blog GUIDES TRAVEL to ITALY you find all the information about the Campanile tower of St. Mark's Square, how to climb to the top of it, and, likewise, photos of the panoramic views of Venice that you can see from the viewpoint of the tower, as well as a video With images of the visit.