Historic cafes and terraces with classical music in St. Mark's Square in Venice

Terrace of Café Quadri with a temple of classical music in St. Mark's Square in Venice in Italy

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When in your trip to Venice, in Italy, you arrive at the St. Mark's Square, apart from visiting the great monuments that concentrate on it, such as the St Mark's Basilica, he Ducal Palace wave Campanile Tower, you have to take a walk around the square.

On this walk you will see the numerous terraces which are distributed throughout the square, and you can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere provided by the classical music which chamber groups interpret in the temples that are in some of these terraces.

Likewise, you must walk under the arcades of St. Mark's Square and you will discover historic cafes dating back to century XVIII, and that show us striking vintage decoration.

For example, him Florian coffee, which opened in 1720 has the reputation of being the oldest in Italy. Or the Quadri coffee, from 1775, which was frequented by illustrious historical figures, such as Lord Byron, Balzac, Marcel Proust, Alejandro Dumas and Richard Wagner, and nowadays, by the most prestigious directors or film actors who every year participate in the Venice Film Festival .

In GUIDES TRAVEL TO ITALY, you have extensive information and photos about the Florian coffee and the Quadri coffee of the St. Mark's Square, as well as classical music videos which is interpreted on the terraces of the square.