Stourhead Gardens inspired Turner's watercolor landscapes

Poster in memory of the landscapes painted by Turner inspired by the Stourhead Gardens

Assessment: *** Very Recommended

During last spring and summer in the Prado Museum from Madrid an important one has been celebrated turner exhibition, the prestigious english landscaper of the early nineteenth century.

If you are going to make a tourist trip through the south of England, you have the opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful 18th century English gardens, the Stourhead Gardens, which became a source of inspiration for Turner's painting.

Effectively, JMW Turner, With John Constable, are the maximum reference of English landscaping influenced by Romanticism. And specifically Turner was known as the light painter due to its watercolor landscapes that are a prelude to impressionism.

The Stourhead Gardens you find them in the county of Wiltshire, southwest of England, and are currently managed by the National Trust, an institution dedicated to the preservation of places of historical interest or natural enclaves.

In you visit to the Stourhead Gardens You will have the opportunity to take a long walk of a minimum of two hours through one of the most beautiful enclaves in England, with lush forests around a lake, and neoclassical style temples distributed throughout the area.

And in this visit there will be a memory in the form of a large poster watercolor landscapes that Turner he painted inspired by Stourhead. Well, indeed, Turner used to paint these landscapes in his studio, leaving his imagination free.