4 Photo Galleries of the Palazzo Vecchio in the Signoria Square in Florence

Palazzo Vecchio, seat of the historic city hall of Florence

One of the most recommended visits in your tourist trip to Florence is undoubtedly the Palazzo Vecchio, the imposing building of the seat of government of the capital of Tuscany since the Middle Ages.

He Palazzo Vecchio of Florence you find it in the downtown Signoria Square, and when you stand before him, you will especially be impressed by its high central tower.

In advance of your trip to Florence, in GUIDES TRAVEL TO ITALY can see four photo galleries that allow you a first approach to your visit of the Palazzo Vecchio.

So, initially you can see exterior photos of the facade of the Palazzo Vecchio, as well as Vasari Courtyard, the gateway to this palace.

You also have Photos of the Cinquecento Hall, the largest Palazzo Vecchio, and meeting place of the Grand Council of the city of Florence.

You also have a gallery of photos of the decoration of the rooms of this historic building, and the most prominent corners, among which the spectacular Vasari Staircase and the rooms of the Audience and the Lilies.

Finally, the image collection is completed with the photos of the panoramic views of Florence from the terrace known as Gallery of the Guard Round, atop the building of Palazzo Vecchio.