Do you know that in London you can visit two cathedrals of Westmister?

Westmister Abbey in London

You know that in London can visit two Westmister cathedrals?

Indeed, in one of the most central neighborhoods of London, that of Westmister, you have two great temples that are known as Westmister cathedrals.

Or to be more precise, on the one hand, in front of the building of Parliament, you have the most important temple in London, theWestmister Abbey, which is the great cathedral of the Protestant church of England in the capital.

Cloister of the Westmister Abbey of London

Westmister Abbey

The Westmister Abbey It is a very beautiful Gothic building, built in 1245, and inspired by the great French Gothic cathedrals. Historically it has become the temple where the Kings of England are crowned.

You will recognize it because in the Westmister Abbey took place in April of this year 2011 the last great celebration of the British Monarchy, the prince's wedding William withKate Middleton.

In you Westmister Abbey visit You will also see that it houses the graves of the most important characters in the history of England.

Westmister Catholic Cathedral in London

Westmister Cathedral

But also, not far from this historic cathedral, and on the way to the Victoria Station, you find another great temple that will catch your attention for its large facade of red bricks and unequivocal neo-Byzantine style.

It's about the catholic cathedral of Westmister, of much more recent construction, as it began to be built at the end of the 19th century ... and has not yet been completely completed.

From the outside it stands out its large tower of 83 meters high, but when you will be surprised it will be when you visit its interior.

High Altar of the Westmister Catholic Cathedral in London

While most of the central nave of the westmister cathedral It is unfinished, without any decoration, you can see various chapels with a spectacular mosaic decoration, typical of the Byzantine churches.

Therefore when visit London, take note that you have to visit two Westmister cathedrals.

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