Discovering Adriaen Brouwer in an exhibition in Oudenaarde

Exhibition of Adriaen Brower in Oudenaarde in Belgium

The possibility of seeing works by flamenco painters It is one of the attractions of a tourist trip to the Flanders region in Belgium.

This appeal is currently much greater in the face of the program of activitiesFlemish Masters what in Flanders It is being developed from now until 2020.

This program is focused on highlighting its most famous artists, such as Rubens, Bruegel Y Van eyck.

Adriaen Brower's Self Portrait

But it is also the occasion to discover other less known artists.

Adriaen Brouwer Exhibition

That is the case of Adriaen Brouwer, which in his hometown of Oudenaarde just opened a exposition that you will be able to visit until December 16 of this year 2018.

It's about the exposition most important of the so far made by this artist of the seventeenth century, as it is the first time that such number of works by Brouwer.

From the artistic point of view, the great importance of Adriaen Brouwer is that it is a bridge figure between Bruegel, from the 16th century, and the landscape and traditional tradition of the 17th century.

Although in his time Brouwer He was a very popular artist, nowadays he is much less known than Rubens Y Van dyck.

Exhibition of Adriaen Brower in Oudenaarde in Belgium

In the exhibition that takes place in the MOU Museum of Oudenaarde Located in the imposing building of the Gothic town hall, 27 works of the 65 that are cataloged by this Flemish painter are presented.

The exhibition begins with a multimedia presentation in which you have a first contact with the history and work of Adriaen Brouwer, and then you can visit the two rooms where the works collected during three years from different institutions are shown.

Who is Adriaen Brouwer

If you don't know Brouwer, as was my case before the visit of the exhibition that opened in September, you may be surprised to see that all his works are small format paintings.

Brouwer he was known as the new Bruegel for his interest in lower class people and customs outside Christian standards, as well as for the comical sense of his works.

In this respect he was influenced by the comic theater, which the cartoon characters liked very much.

Exhibition of Adriaen Brower in Oudenaarde in Belgium

He also stood out for being a landscaper, although he focused on it during his last stage when he changed the traditional canons of Bruegel.

He was a great observer of people, their customs and emotions, reflecting in their paintings the reactions of people to pain, sounds or smells.

He is considered a master of instants and situations, and in terms of landscapes, they reflected a special atmosphere.

Most of the works on display are customary, with an atmosphere of taverns, with people smoking or drinking, or at parties with friends.

Adriaen Brouwer He was a virtuous painter much appreciated by his contemporaries, as Rembrandt Y Rubens, and in particular the latter had a lot of relationship with him and helped him a lot because he was very poor.

In fact Rubens He was the holder of several works of Brouwer.

Exhibition of Adriaen Brower in Oudenaarde in Belgium

It was so popular, that it was his work was very copied by other artists, as you can see in the Oudenaarde exhibition, where you can only see a single self-portrait.

In fact, a good part of his work consists of self-portraits, a pictorial genre in which in addition to his own portrait, he showed figures grouped by other artists of the time.

All these characteristics are shown in the exhibition, which is divided into four themes: Brouwer as new Bruegel; Leisure and fun, the cheerful companies of Brouwer; Emotion master; Y Brouwer As a landscape painter.

Tapestry Exhibition

During your visit you can also see the MOU museum tapestry collection shown in the old cloth market of the fourteenth century.

15 large tapestries from a collection of 30 copies are exhibited, which were made in the second half of the 16th century to Alejandro Farnesio.

Exhibition of tapestries in MOU museum of Oudenaarde

These tapestries were designed in the workshops of the city of Oudenaarde, which gained fame in its time for the realization of those known as green tapestries, in which landscapes are shown.

Also, during the flamenco painter's show period, a contemporary art exhibition in the church of Pamele in which various current artists, inspired by Brouwer, they present works that are characterized by their critical, ironic and sarcastic style.

Brouwer exhibition schedule in Oudenaarde

The Adriaen Brouwer exhibition schedules They are, from Monday to Sunday, from 9.30 to 18 hours, with special hours on Thursdays because it closes at 10 at night.

You can expose the exhibition visit until December 16, 2018.

Exhibition of contemporary art in Pamele de Oudenaarde church

Brouwer exhibition ticket prices

The ticket prices they are, adults, 10 euros, and with audioguide, 12 euros; seniors +65, 8 euros; students, 5 euros; children from 12 to 18 years, 1.50 euros; and under 12 euros, free admission.

You have to buy tickets in advance through the official website, so you will have to choose a specific time for your access.

The ticket price includes a discount of one euro for the visit of the exhibition of contemporary art in the church of Pamele. whose price standard It is 6 euros.

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