How to climb the castle of Monfrague to spot birds of prey

Tribute tower of the castle of the Monfrague national park in Extremadura

On your visit to Monfragüe National Park, in Estremadura, he bird of prey watching It is the main activity that you can enjoy.

In fact, every year there are thousands of visitors who arrive in Monfragüe from the countries of northern Europe to see the great diversity of raptors that land in this natural area.

In order to enjoy your getaway, it is important to know which one is the best of Monfragüe to watch raptors Y Where is.

Bird of prey watching from Monfragüe Castle in Extremadura

What is the best viewpoint of Monfragüe to watch raptors

Without a doubt, the best site is the tower of tribute of the Monfragüe Castle, a place well known for the existence of the remains of an old walled enclosure of Arab origin located on top of a hill.

Where is the Castillo de Monfragüe

You can find this beautiful enclave to the west of the national park, on the road that leads from the town of Cacereña de Torrejón del Rubio until Plasencia.

The original Monfragüe Castle It was built at the beginning of the 9th century, although it was later rebuilt in the 12th and 15th centuries.

Staircase of the Castle of the Monfrague National Park in Extremadura

He Monfragüe Castle it got to have five towers, but at the moment of the old fortress only the mentioned one remains tower of tribute, pentagonal and fully restored, as well as the remains of a cylindrical tower.

From the top of the tower is where you can perfectly see the flight of birds of prey, which will pass very close to you.

Next to the tower of tribute is the Hermitage of Monfragüe, which houses the Virgin of Monfragüe, a Byzantine carving of the twelfth century, and where a pilgrimage is held annually.

Also, around the Monfragüe Castle there is also a cave with paintings which currently cannot be visited.

How to climb Monfragüe Castle

For climb to Monfragüe Castle, on the south side of the hill, from the EX-208, on the right there is a road that goes up almost to the foot of the fortification.

However, above there is hardly room for less than a dozen cars to park.

Bird of prey watching from Monfragüe Castle in

Therefore, in the high holiday seasons, such as the Easter week, access to this access road is cut off and you must leave the car in an authorized parking lot next to the aforementioned EX-208.

From there it will take half an hour to walk up to the tower of tribute.

But yes visits Monfragüe Castle In a hot season, it is advisable to leave the car in the parking lot on the north side of the hill, just before crossing the bridge over the Tagus river, in the area known as The French.

From there it will take about 45 minutes to reach the tower, but all the ascent will be done in a shaded area, which you will certainly appreciate ...

Excursion to Monfragüe to watch birds

Finally, if instead of going on your own you prefer to go on an excursion with the advice of a expert guide in ornithology, you have the option to sign up for this Excursion to Monfragüe from Plasencia.

Bird of prey watching from Monfragüe Castle in Extremadura

This tour that takes place in Spanish will allow you for four hours to discover the secrets of the great diversity of raptors that can be found in this national park known throughout Europe for such wealth.

How to get to Monfragüe Castle

Here you have the map where you can see where is the Castillo de Monfragüe, west of the Extremaduran national park and on a hill next to the Tagus Reservoir.

Video: Climb to the Castle (January 2020).